Xiaomi EUNI ES808 – new electric scooter from Xiaomi

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After the success of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, the Chinese manufacturer seems to have launched another model. I do not know exactly when it was made public in China, but stores like GearBest.com have already included it in the campaigns. At the moment, it costs about 400$ (check current offer) and includes express delivery and all taxes are included. The price of the Xiaomi EUNI ES808 is close to that of the model launched at the end of 2016, but the performance is not even at the same level.

Xiaomi EUNI ES808

EUNI Xiaomi ES808 is made largely of aluminum and is equipped with a 250 watt motor, scooter supports a maximum load of 100 kilograms. The maximum speed is 20km/h and the autonomy of the integrated battery is up to 25 kilometers. According to the specifications, the battery is produced by LG, having a maximum capacity of 6400 mah. So speed and autonomy are weaker if we compare it to the M365 model, but we must not forget that it is fully charged in only 2 hours, compared to 6 hours, as is the case with M365.

This model comes with an LCD display integrated on the handlebars, so you always know how fast you are going and what is the capacity of the battery, which I miss on the M365. To be easier to carry when you are out of battery or when you want to take it inside a building (subway), the Xiaomi EUNI ES808 comes with 2 wheels that only come out when is folded, so you can carry it a lot easier. Also the folding system is simple and intuitive.

It is certified IPX5, which means it is protected against low-pressure water jets for at least 3 minutes. However, it is not recommended to use it when it’s raining, especially since the tires can slip very quickly. The front wheel is air-cushioned for better damping and the rear wheel is filled with rubber to reduce the risk of slipping.

Even though the scooter wheels look smaller in the presentation images, in reality this model has 8 inches tire, ie 0.5 inches smaller than those found on the M365. As with the first model, the EUNI ES808 comes equipped with an LED headlamp and a stop on the brake. Most likely, this can also be controlled with the dedicated MiHome or NineBot application.

XIAOMI EUNI ES808 folding system

For those interested, it can be purchased on the website of the GearBest.com, ie from where I bought my first electric scooter Xiaomi M365. But be careful not to confuse this model with the M365 (about which I wrote a complete blog review) because there are two totally different models.

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